Posted by: Michael McCarron | January 10, 2016

New Year – 2016

Starting off a new year – it always seems both daunting and hopeful. There are lots of opportunities to seize and new ideas to roll around in your head. One of my goals for 2016 is to up my social media presence and get home clients. Advertising and scheduling seem to present the most challenges, but I think they’re very do-able with focus and commitment.

That said, you can follow me on twitter @REMpromassage, follow my infrequent posts here (which will get more frequent), and check out my page on Facebook. I’ll post the link in my next post as I’m setting it up as I type this now.

Get fit this year, take care of yourself, and book a massage!

Posted by: Michael McCarron | September 18, 2014

Does Massage Therapy Work?

Paul Ingraham is a former RMT who is now writing for a living.  He does investigative and information science pieces with an appropriately skeptical approach that I share, so I look forward to his articles.  This one is great in that it takes a look at some basic assumptions and questions them fairly; does what we do actually work?

In asking these important questions, we oftentimes uncover better questions and come to a deeper understanding of our job and of the effect we have on our clients.  I’d encourage people to read his writing and think about what it is we do and how we can best be of service to our clients in the future.

Posted by: Michael McCarron | September 17, 2014


Welcome to any new viewers checking out this page for the first time.  I hope you enjoy the content and check out the sidebar for information and contact details so we can set up an office visit and schedule regular treatments for you and your co-workers.  Any questions, just shoot me an email or give me a call – I’m here for you.

Posted by: Michael McCarron | January 21, 2014

Thornhill Saturday

I will be in Thornhill just north of Toronto on Saturday doing a home massage if anyone else is interested.  I’ll be free at 11am and can be anywhere else from downtown to eastward ho!  Leave a comment to request!

Posted by: Michael McCarron | September 14, 2013

Quick Update

Wow, have I been inactive on the ol’ blog for a bit.  Life getting in the way and all that enjoyable nonsense.  I have been working days doing landscaping and carpentry as a supplement to my massage income; it’s a nice way to get some experience and learn how to do handy tasks around the house and yard so I can do some deck-building and interlock laying next summer.  The slight down side is that I’m getting “man hands” (although, secretly, it’s pretty great).

I am still on the lookout for new clients in the Whitby, Oshawa, Brooklin area and have all the mad massage therapist skills to make your day a wonderful one.  If you are sore from doing the work I do through the day, from stress at the office, or if you just want to take an hour to relax, give me a call or an email today!  See the right sidebar for details and prices.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Posted by: Michael McCarron | August 13, 2012

Working Update

I have been working the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association (CGTA) trade show for the last two days and shall be back tomorrow for the last day. It is a twice a year show that is a lot of fun and a nice break from the clinic. There are a lot of people I see regularly (every February and August) and who I enjoy catching up with while doling out 10 minutes neck/shoulder massages to help the retailers relax.

Once Wednesday rolls around I’ll be back in the clinic and hustling for home and office gigs so if you’re in the market for a professional registered massage therapist to come to your home or office, check out the contact information and pricing on the right sidebar and get in touch. Massage is the bomb, as the kids say!

Posted by: Michael McCarron | July 27, 2012

New Viewers from Pickering!

To any of the flyer recipients around Canterbury Cres., Hadrian Ct., or surrounding area, thank you for dropping in to check out the blog.  I hope you email or call to inquire and make an appointment as I am often in that area and would love to get more clients.  Poke around, read some of the entries, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by: Michael McCarron | July 26, 2012

Half Marathon Ninja?

Training for a half marathon is a bit of a committment.  When you have two kids, a job, a wife, a cat, and a fish the time one has to get out on the roads of Brooklin gets a little tight.  Motivation to get off the couch is low to non-existant, so any extra help is sought out and appreciated.  Even little things like watching fitness oriented shows on television make you feel like you should be doing something (anything) to raise the heart rate or work the muscles a bit.

I’m a big fan of American Ninja Warrior – although why there is no Canadian Ninja Warrior, I’ll never know – and the everyday nature of the contestants.  If the ice-cream scooper from Wisconsin can do jumping chin-ups (known on the show as the “salmon ladder”), then I can get there too.  It may take a while, but it’s possible.

Just doing a five to eight kilometer run around Brooklin is a beautiful way to get to know your neighborhood and see the many rabbits we have scurrying around our lawns and fences.  I joined a website called RunKeeper which allows you to make your own routes and measures the distances so you know exactly how far you’ve run, plus you can set goals for fitness and weight loss.  Pretty great.

With any luck the distances covered will increase and the half-marathon in October won’t end up with me feeling my heartbeat in my feet.  If you want to find me, maybe look for the guy at Home Hardware buying the lumber and screws to make the first Canadian Ninja course…. 

Posted by: Michael McCarron | June 4, 2012

Dad Hair

One of the duties of being a dad to a little girl is to learn how to do hair. Obviously, pony-tails are necessary and pig-tails are de rigueur, but after that it’s a long road of finger-fumbling and tiny elastics, quiet swearing and the silent need for approval. It is a well-known fact that the greatest compliment a father can get is for a woman to look at his daughter’s hair and say, “Wow, your mommy did a great job on your hair! It’s so pretty!”, and for the girl to say, “Not Mommy – Daddy did my hair today!” I’m almost sad to admit how happy I am when this happens.

In the spirit of that feeling, I thought I would post a picture of my first attempt – somewhat successful – at the double french braid. Behold: If you can't see the picture, rest assured that it is one of, if not the most, amazing photographs of hair ever taken by a human.  Seriously, you're missing out.
Now, the left side is certainly better than the right, but with time comes the inches you gain toward perfection…never quite achieving it but crawling ever closer. One hair at a time.

Posted by: Michael McCarron | June 4, 2012

The Brooklin Spring Fair

This Sunday, my family and I (along with friends) went to the Brooklin Spring Fair for the afternoon. It was a bit rainy, but the kids had fun and the smells of midway food filled my nostrils like months worth of hair in a bathroom drain.

…Yes, I know that image is disgusting. It was meant to be.

If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight or, good luck, lose weight, the midway food selections leave much to be desired. Just to name off some that I remember, there were: funnel cakes, ice cream, fries, poutine, cotton candy, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, pizza, and deep fried everything. When I say “everything”, I am talking about things on our beautiful Earth that should never see the depths of a fryer; things like Mars bars, Wunderbars, Kool-Aid, and butter. Yeah, butter.

I will confess a morbid curiosity about these items. What does deep-fried butter actually taste like? Is it a flavor all its own or could you compare it to something even more evil to the waistline? I would like to watch them deep-fry Kool-Aid just to see how it’s done. Oh, wait, here’s the video:There you go – “Chicken Charlie” admits to spree-killing at state fairs and his choice of weapon is the deep fryer. His victims may not die that day, but by-gum, they’ll drop.

In case you were wondering about the deep-fried butter thing, here’s a quick video on that horrifying subject:See, it’s not that difficult to kill yourself.

I do subscribe to the idea of, “everything in moderation, including moderation”, but this stuff is just off the charts. This seems like something you’d eat if astronomers told the population that a giant asteroid is going to slam into Earth in seven months and we’ll all be dead anyway, so smoke ’em if you got ’em. Short of that, maybe have a cookie instead. Just not a deep-fried Oreo:

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