Posted by: Michael McCarron | September 20, 2011

Good Article on Science Based Medicine

I enjoy keeping up with the scientific blogs on the ‘net.  From the conglomerates like Science Blogs, Freethought Blogs, and Scientopia, to the singular ones like Neurologica, many of these provide a forum for discussion of current research and a dose of reality to nonsense.

One of the best of these is Science Based Medicine, a group blog which has contributers from a variety of medical disciplines.  Recently, one of the main editors, Dr. David Gorski, penned (typed?) a piece which mentioned massage therapy as it is usually used by “alternative” practitioners – i.e. as a Trojan Horse.

Most “alternative” practitioners are quite comfortable including massage as one of their own, although massage is not really “alternative”.  Its benefits are known and its effects have been proven in studies – granted, many people overstate these and even go so far as to start talking about “life energies” and other such woo woo hooey.

Once you get massage into the conversation under the banner of “alternative”, the trick is to switch what you’re talking about and begin mentioning really wacky nonsensical things like reiki, homeopathy, or reflexology and including them under that same tent.  It shouldn’t be allowed and Dr. Gorski calls out the perpetrators.

It’s well worth the read!


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