Posted by: Michael McCarron | May 25, 2012

Training To Not Die

I am training at the moment for a Spartan Sprint just outside of Toronto on June 24th. What’s a Spartan Sprint, Mike? Glad you asked. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the website, but if you want the Coles Notes, it’s a 5km run at a ski hill with obstacles. These obstacles involve carrying cinder blocks or tires, jumping over flaming hay bales, throwing spears, and avoiding being pummelled by muscle-bound gladiator-type ruffians.

Likely the question in your head now is, “Why the hell would anyone do this to themselves?” This is a valid point to bring up and the only answer I have is that it seems fun and challenging at 41 years old to complete something like this without dying. The motivation to train with a task like this looming on the near horizon is high, so setting short-term goals is key to staying active. The goals have to be specific and achieveable so you don’t lose your drive, they have to be challenging enough that you want to get out on the road or do those chin-ups/push-ups/hill runs, etc., and they have to involve activity that you (at least partially) enjoy.

I still only run three or at most four times a week with two days of cross training. When you’re nowhere near a professional athlete, don’t rake yourself over the coals if life gets in the way and you miss a run/workout. Alternately, however, more than a day or so of doing nothing should feel like you’re slacking – at least once you get into a nice routine.

After the Spartan Run thingy, I’ve signed up for a half marathon in October. Speaking of not dying, that’s 21km of road out in front of you. Training is sort of imperative, so as soon as the June obstacle course is finished, we’re right into the 12-week “camp”. It’s exciting and I’ll post regular updates and personal goals as the races get closer.


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