Posted by: Michael McCarron | May 29, 2012

The Tough Days

After getting up at 5am so we could take my son to get tubes in his ears at 6:45, homeward bound at 8:30am, errands and yard-work all day, cooking supper, going through the bedtime routine, and ending up laying on the bed at 8pm, I *really* didn’t want to go for a 10km run.  It would be pretty easy to say, “screw it”, go downstairs, make a bowl of popcorn, watch TV until 11 when I fall asleep on the love seat with my neck all askew, then finally “wake” at 2am and stagger upstairs holding my sore neck to collapse into bed.

My wife saw me laying on the bed and asked, “Do you feel like going for a run?”  I said without thinking, “Nope, but I’m going to anyway.” 

“Good for you”, she said.  I got up and got my gear on, then went out.  It was a beautiful evening and once my pace was solid, it was very enjoyable.  Lots of birds around and the sunset was fantastic.  It made me feel like Forrest Gump, only without the scraggly beard or mild mental handicap. 

I remember one evening a month ago or so when I was standing at our computer watching fitness videos on youtube and putting off my run.  One video was a guy interviewing a fitness model on how she got her “awesome abs” and he asked her what her number one revelation was with respect to training.  She said, “I got over procrastination.  Just get out there and do it, stop putting it off.”  I immediately shut the browser off and let my wife know I was heading out for my run.  Procrastination makes the pounds appear like unwanted magic.

If you have a run to do, a workout to get at, or just stuff that needs a doin’, get to it.  And if you live nearby and need a massage, contact me – my info is over there on the right sidebar.


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