Posted by: Michael McCarron | July 26, 2012

Half Marathon Ninja?

Training for a half marathon is a bit of a committment.  When you have two kids, a job, a wife, a cat, and a fish the time one has to get out on the roads of Brooklin gets a little tight.  Motivation to get off the couch is low to non-existant, so any extra help is sought out and appreciated.  Even little things like watching fitness oriented shows on television make you feel like you should be doing something (anything) to raise the heart rate or work the muscles a bit.

I’m a big fan of American Ninja Warrior – although why there is no Canadian Ninja Warrior, I’ll never know – and the everyday nature of the contestants.  If the ice-cream scooper from Wisconsin can do jumping chin-ups (known on the show as the “salmon ladder”), then I can get there too.  It may take a while, but it’s possible.

Just doing a five to eight kilometer run around Brooklin is a beautiful way to get to know your neighborhood and see the many rabbits we have scurrying around our lawns and fences.  I joined a website called RunKeeper which allows you to make your own routes and measures the distances so you know exactly how far you’ve run, plus you can set goals for fitness and weight loss.  Pretty great.

With any luck the distances covered will increase and the half-marathon in October won’t end up with me feeling my heartbeat in my feet.  If you want to find me, maybe look for the guy at Home Hardware buying the lumber and screws to make the first Canadian Ninja course…. 


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